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Siemens TIA Portal, PLC Siemens TIA Portal online training. WinCC, HMI, SCADA. English language..

Course Description

What you will learn:

• Program automation systems from the manufacturer Siemens

• Program Controller

• Program WinCC (HMI and SCADA) supervision system

• Simulate automation systems


Installation and environment of TIA Portal. Hardware configuration (families S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400). Configuration of Ethernet/Profinet, Profibus-DP and Profibus-PA networks.

Programming languages Ladder, list declaration (STL) and Strutured Control Language (SCL). GRAPH programming language (sequential programming). On-off and control valves, motors, transmitters, PID controller. Simulation with S7-PLCSIM.

Development of the Reactor Projects, cotton gin (LAD, STL and SCL) and Boiler. Drives Simocode (direct start), Soft Starter Sirius and Micromaster (frequency inverter). Communication with Smar transmitters and positioners.

HMI configuration. Preparation and dynamization of operation screens.

In a didactic way (step by step), the concepts are passed and the programming activities help in the absorption of knowledge. In the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) are theory and tutorials (videos) with step-by-step programming of development activities. You install the Siemens software on your computer and repeat all the activities carried out in the tutorials.

Automation is one of the most innovative achievements of the human being.

In search of survival, man evolved, and was discovering the forms of energy available on the planet, which uses them to their benefit, thus meeting their needs.

The energetic modalities allowed the mechanization of diverse activities, drastically reducing the work of the hand of the human being, demanding, nevertheless, management and control activities, often extremely monotonous and repetitive.

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