Sensory Processing and the classroom


Sensory Processing and the classroom, Classroom, remote learning, home and community.

Course Description

Intervention strategies for students who may be displaying difficulty with sensory regulation/modulation in the classroom, home or community as well as teacher/parent resources and education to better help a child who may need additional supports.

Prior research was done to complete needs assessment and literature review on given topic. After completion, learning objectives were created that focused on sensory processing interventions and education. Learning activities included creation of surveys that were administered to parents and teachers to learn more about their knowledge, education and further information that would be beneficial to them about sensory processing. A complete sensory guide was completed with information obtained including information about all sensory systems (proprioception, vestibular, visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and gustatory). It includes a brief description about what each system is responsible for, red flags of an over or under responsive child as well as activities that can be used in any setting (school-in class or remote, home, bus, cafeteria, gymnasium, playground, community). Each section also provides links for easy access to purchase items, instruction on how to create items at home or general information for activities/games to play. In addition, 4 self-generated lunch and learn presentation were included that is a good addition to my complete Sensory guide including remote learning, self-regulation, seating modifications and community travel.

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