Seleniumw with C#- A Demo Lab


Seleniumw with C#- A Demo Lab, Lab session on selenium using csharp.

Course Description

C# is a famous object oriented programming language. It has a syntax similar to that of java. And it is one of the languages from the visual studio pack.

Selenium is a popular open source solution to drive the browser.

it works on all browsers

selenium with java is ver popular, and so is selenium implementation with python

recently selenium implementation with c# is also on a significant rise

in this hands on session we learn how to get start with selenium using csharp as a language

webdriver is a nuget package in c# context and is required when we make a project of it

selenium allows us to drive any browser library whether chrome, firefox , ie, edge, safari , headless

the three important libraries of selenium  webdriver, webelement and locator have similar functions across any language.

we first create a webdriver object for the brower which we want to invoke for driving the test on

and then use the locator class to find the object which is the web element object.

once the webelement object is identified we use the functions available with the webelement class

to perform the operation on the object

the selenium with c# hands on session allows you to get started on selenium using c# as a programming language

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