SALESmanago: Database Segmentation


SALESmanago: Database Segmentation, Learn about segmentation of contacts based on behavioral, transactional and declarative data.

Course Description

Lesson 2 expands on customer segmentation, automatic division of contacts into segments, which allows you to improve deliverability and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Create and update in real-time groups of contacts that meet an extensive set of criteria at a given moment, including CRM, behavioral and transactional data. Use them in mass and automated campaigns and be sure to always target the right audience.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Save time by setting automatic email campaigns & and autoresponders,
  • Create segments based on website behavior, transactions and declarative data,
  • Define actions and campaigns dedicated only to selected contact segments,
  • Use scoring to identify the hottest leads and their real interests,
  • Alert your team about lead activity,
  • Structure, measure and optimize your sales process with funnels,
  • Manage your sales with notes, tasks and reminders,
  • Nurture your leads to prepare them for the direct sales process,
  • Successfully onboard new customers and build loyalty to increase retention,
  • Use of Dynamic Segments in SALESmanago.

Most popular use-cases:

  • Up-selling and cross-selling,
  • Lowering the cost of conversion,
  • Automatically respond to a decrease in shopping activity,
  • Increase customer engagement,
  • Adjust the content to the customer’s shopping preferences,
  • Take care of active users,
  • Increase Customer Life Value (CLV) and profits,
  • Optimize of the base activation costs,
  • Increase customer retention.

Features available in SALESmanago system:

  • Segmentation matrices,
  • ad hoc rule,
  • RFM Marketing Automation,
  • Tags,
  • Dynamic segments.

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