SALESmanago: Analytical Panels


SALESmanago: Analytical Panels, Analytical Panels show comprehensive data on the most important processes of marketing & sales in one place.

Course Description

Lesson 8 introduces you to the most important analytical panels of SALESmanago.

Analytical Dashboards are the favorite tools of every CEO, owner or manager in a company. Marketing Automation systems show comprehensive analytics of the most important processes of marketing and sales in one place. In the real-time module, you can monitor how effective the marketing department is at acquiring new contacts (Lead Generation). Moreover, you can see how successful the work of both departments together is from the moment of acquiring contact to closing deals (Campaign Analytics).

Additionally, in the system, you will find a panel that contains basic information on the current contact base and its condition. With Marketing Automation platforms you have an access to data that can be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It makes it easy to compare, draw conclusions and respond to positive and negative trends in a real-time module.

The SALESmanago system also offers the possibility to configure your own analytical dashboards. Thanks to that option you can get reports tailored to your needs and analyze only the most important data.

Areas of use:

  • reporting,
  • KPI tracking,
  • understanding revenue sources,
  • measuring single campaign effectiveness,
  • measuring effectiveness in different channels,
  • improving conversion.

Track statistics of:

  • website traffic,
  • revenue attribution,
  • direct communication,
  • lead generation tools,
  • sales funnels,
  • contact database growth,
  • different content variants,
  • different creatives.

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