Sales Management: A Solid Foundation


Sales Management: A Solid Foundation, A 30-minute fast track course for new/existing sales managers on the team-based thinking and management skills you need.

Welcome to our FREE taster course for Sales Management!
It’s a 30-minute module that shows you how to transition from salesperson to sales manager and set up a solid foundation for success in the role.

If you review it (and we hope you do!) please remember it’s a 30-minute sample, not a full course.

Do you want to know how to create a solid basis for success as a sales manager, to be aware of the new skills you need to acquire, and the team-based thinking that you need to adopt?
Do you want ENGAGEMENT with a course that uses plain English without going into management speak?
Do you want a PRACTICAL course that focuses on essential topics without rambling on or digressing?

If the answer to any of these is YES, then our Sales Management: A Solid Foundation course will take you where you want to go in the shortest possible time!

So pay attention: this is a ZandaX “Fast Track” course, designed to give you a solid understanding in just around 30 minutes.
Don’t say you “don’t have time” for training now!


The first video is a brief outline of each lesson in the module, so you can get a quick view of what it covers. This is downloadable, so please share it with anyone you want to!
The main module has an introduction from the instructor, followed by lessons on each subject, and the module finishes with a quick knowledge test of five questions.
Finally, there’s a quick Wrap Up session that summarizes the main learning points covered.
All our courses are compact, concise, and to the point, and we’ve found this structure works well to enable you to get instant summaries alongside the main content.

With every ZandaX management course, you get a workbook with a Personal Action Plan (downloadable from the Course Introduction section at the start of each course). These are great addition because they enable you to revisit and review your progress in a structured framework that is proven to work.

Our sales management course creators are professionals with years of experience in the role and have progressed through the ranks from selling roles, thru sales team leaders and supervisors, to senior management and director roles. Because of this, our courses give you clear, concise, and knowledgeable advice, with proven techniques for success.

And we don’t woffle! Do you want to sit through hours of over-explaining before you get the knowledge you need? We doubt it! So we make sure that everything is covered in easy-to-follow video lessons, and we get straight to the point so you make the best use of your time.


Sales managers are often disappointed when they get a general sense that “something is wrong”, when things don’t go to plan, but they can’t put their finger on why. This is often due to taking the wrong approach to the job and being short on the necessary skills, and outlook needed.
In this course, you’ll see how to do all this … and be in command of the situation by recognizing where you need to focus, and even how you need to think. And putting the lessons into practice will put you on track for success!

The course covers:

  • Moving Up from Salesperson to Sales Manager
  • 7 Best Practices for Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Management Tips & Techniques
  • How to Fix Common Team Problems

Each lecture is self-contained, so you don’t need to sit through them all: once you’re at a comfortable level, you’ll be able to use this as your reference library, where you can select what you want to view.

The course is aimed at anyone in, or moving into, a sales management role, who wants to understand how to build their career on a solid foundation.

Upon completion (and with a little practice…) you’ll know the big differences between being a super salesperson and a great sales manager, and how to use best practices in your role. You’ll have a kit of tools to improve your day-to-day effectiveness, and also an awareness of how to fix some common problems..
This course will give you a clear path to success as a sales manager!

We’ll say it again: don’t forget the course workbook and Action Plan which uses in-course summaries and assessments with post-course reviews to really help you to develop your skills. And remember to revisit and review the course as often as you want!

So this course is genuinely much more than just a talk-through video. We don’t think you’ll find a better value, so why not enroll with us now?

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