Safety in Storage and Handling of Chemicals


Safety in Storage and Handling of Chemicals, Safety aspects while handling chemicals.

Course Description

Its a capsulated course containing various safety aspects useful in storage and handling of chemicals in industries as wel as academic institutes. It covers the overview of classification of chemicals, chemical compatibility, use of material safety data sheet (MSDS), classification of fire, methods for fire extinguishing.

Course Contents are as :

1. UN Classification of chemicals

2. Chemical Compatibility

3. Material Safety Data Sheet

4. Classification of Fire

5. Methods of Fire Extinguishing

After completion of this short course students will be able to classify chemicals and identify the class of chemical from the hazard symbol on the container, check compatibility of chemicals while storage of chemicals in industry as wel as academic institutes, use material safety data sheet (MSDS) while using or handling chemicals and also in the case of emergency situations like chemical spillage, splash etc, classify fire based on the type of fuel and the nature of fuel, select proper fire extinguishing principle for fire fighting, and will able to select proper fire extinguisher for fire fighting in case of small fires at initial stage.

Learner will have better understanding towards the nature, reactivity, hazards associated with chemicals and how to handle the chemicals with safety precautions and confidence. Learner will also able to handle the small incidences after following the learning and getting some expertise.

Overall its useful for professional as wel as students for getting the better understanding and get confidence while handling and storage of chemicals.

Welcome all learners and have a happy learning!

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