Run your own e-learning business without creating a course


Run your own e-learning business without creating a course, You can now run your own e-learning business with or without creating your own course, and at the lowest possible price.

Course Description

Hi there, I am Dennis, your online instructor for this course.

I know you are eager to run your own e–learning platform or business.

Thinkific and Teachable are usually the 2 brand names that come into our mind when we talk about running your own e-learning platform or business

However, in this course, I am not going to talk much about Thinkific and Teachable, because you can find a lot of information about them over the internet.

The price can be pretty expensive for some people, because it starts from $29 per month.

So, I am going to introduce you a more affordable platform that is similar to Thinkific or Teachable, not exactly the same but similar to Thinkific or Teachable. It may not be as powerful as Thinkific or Teachable, but it allows you to operate under your own brand name with custom subdomain, keep all the profit with no transaction fee, create unlimited lessons, and own your student email addresses.

The may be a solution for some online instructors. In this course, I will cover about how to run or set up your own e-learning platform or business at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to watch the preview to find out more about this course.

Thank you!

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