Retail Management Certification Program


Retail Management Certification Program, Mastering the Art of Retail: A Comprehensive Guide from somebody with parctical experience.

Course Description

Gaurang Govind, a Retail business consultant from India, specializes in consulting for both Indian and international retailers. With experience gained from working with prominent retail names like Future Retail, Spencers Retail, Windshieldexperts, Ebony, Lifestyle, and Shoppersstop, I recognized a pressing need in the industry. Many retail professionals in India find themselves stuck at the store manager or supervisor level, unable to progress. Even area managers often face growth challenges. Moreover, retailers lacking in-depth knowledge of retail science struggle to expand, sometimes failing to grow their businesses altogether. Hence, my consulting program aims to address these issues comprehensively. I urge viewers to pay close attention to each word and sentence of my videos, as they encapsulate invaluable insights derived from my experience.

1) Retail definition

2) Pentagon concept

3) Controlling damages and Shrinkages

4) P&L Understading

5) Retail terms

6) Different Retail Formats

7) Retail space understanding

8) Retail space negotiations

9)Understanding Cross Merchandising

10) Role of Retail Software

11) Stock Checks

12) Shrinkages and Damages understanding

13) Understanding of Store Key processes

14 )Statutory licences understanding

15) Retail Industry presentation

16)Retail Master Cleaning exercise

17) Effective Vendor Negotiations

18) What is Store Marketing Activity

19) Understanding Floor Layout

20) Retail and ecommerce Market Size

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