Python3 Programmer Certification Exam: Test Your Skills


Python3 Programmer Certification Exam: Test Your Skills, Certified Entry-Level Python3 Programmer certification (Practice Test) to boost your career.

About this course

This course is based on 6 practice tests and is meant to assesses candidates’ knowledge of programming in the Python 3. The practice tests are suitable to prepare candidate for pre-employment screening. It can also help the learners to evaluate themselves and understand the applicability of the language.


The online tests of this course require candidates to be familiar with python and to solve coding problems.

Whom this course is for:

Ø Programmers wishing to get certified in Python

Ø Beginner and Intermediate level learners of Python language

Ø Recruiters/organizations seeking a python-based test to hire employee

Ø Any individual looking to test his/her python skills for getting job

What does this course offer you?

This course consists of 6 MCQ-based practice tests of successive difficulty levels.

1. Beginner [15 Ques / 30 mins]

2. Easy [20 Ques / 35 mins]

3. Standard [25 Ques / 40 mins]

4. Intermediate [50 Ques / 80 mins]

5. Expert [75 Ques / 120 mins]

6. God Mode [100 Ques / 150 mins]

Every question is associated with a knowledge area. The answers are randomized every time you take a test. The test can help you access, with your domain of strength and weakness. You can re-take the tests over and over again as and when it suits you.

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