Python Hand-on Solve 200 Problems


Python Hand-on Solve 200 Problems, Most Complete Collection of Python Exerciser and Solution. Cover from Fundamental to Algorithm and Data Analysis.

Course Description

Have 3 secret words to master coding in any language are : practice, practice and practice !!!. Coding is a skill, you will be better when you do it more and more.

This course is the most comprehensive collection of python exercise and solution. It contains more than 200 coding problem and will provide you

great environment for practicing Python programming language.

The exercises cover following topic :

  • Fundamental
    • basic
    • condition and loop
    • list
    • string
    • dictionary
    • file
    • class
    • math
    • date time
    • regex
  • Algorithm
    • sort
    • search
    • recursion
  • Data Analysis
    • numpy
    • pandas

After complete this course, sure you will much more confident with you Python skill and job interview.

Take this course, start boot up your Python coding skill !!!.

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