Python for Beginners: programming made simple


Python for Beginners: programming made simple, A practical programming course for everyone interested in computer programming.

Course Description

When it comes to aspects of life in today’s world, almost everything runs on software, from mobile phones to computers, from toys to vehicles, from kitchen appliances to entertainment equipment, learning programming increases your opportunity to earn a decent income a month. This course teaches the basics of computer programming using the most popular language python.

Learning the basics of computer programming is important when it comes to developing an efficient software. Not only that, it also reduces the number of code you can write to accomplish a certain task, hence keeping your work as simple as possible. Having a solid understanding of what you are doing boost your ability to solve problems with the knowledge and resources you have.

During the process of learning python, the course build a solid foundation of software development in you. This course is for everyone interested in programming, no need to worry about not having a background in computing, everything there is to know is taught in this course.

The course also opens you up to the world where you can apply programming in various fields of robotics, internet of things, electronics, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, data science and software development in general.

After attending this course, you can add what you’ve learnt on your resume.

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