Public International Law: Module 1


Public International Law: Module 1, Module 1 of the Public International Law series-Introduction and Sources of International Law.

Course Description

  • The course will provide a functional understanding of International Legal Systems with special reference to Indian State Practices in International Relations.
  • The course traces the history of International Law from 1900 and chronicles the developments of the next 400 years.
  • The course will provide a birds-eye-view of the present International Relations Scene.
  • This course is specially meant for students taking UGC NET (Law)  and Civil Services Aspirants. This course is also important for those taking up exams related to International Laws. In this Course along with 380 mins of video presented in 7 sessions of roughly 45 mins each, there are two focused PowerPoints on the subject attached as reading material. The instructors’ earlier blogs on International laws are given as supplementary reading material.
  • The instructor does not claim to provide all the essential information on the topic. Before taking the course, the learners are requested to browse through the essentials on the topic. For law students taking university exams and those preparing for competitive law examinations, this course would be ideal as a revision aid. Since the course covers a lot of current developments relating to International Laws, the learner can hope to answer many of the questions that will form part of the General Studies question paper.

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