Project Writing: From A to Z


Project Writing: From A to Z, Learn how to build a project proposal that is logical, understandable and successful.

This course is for those who want their project proposals approved and funded by e.g., grant agencies. You could be a leader of an NGO, an aspiring entrepreneur or someone coming from academia.

The course will focus not on any one grant specifically, but rather on how to build a project proposal that is logical and understandable universally.

What’s the secret to writing great project proposals?

It all boils down to proper planning & project visualization before the actual writing starts. Not sure what I mean? Let’s look at the summary of how we go about this:

  • Framing the project problem (i.e., what do we want to solve)
  • Learning & researching about the problem
  • Laying the project’s logical framework & sketching out ideas for activities (i.e., what could be the solutions)
  • Visualizing the proposal (A to Z)
  • Getting relevant feedback & making revisions
  • Finalizing the project plan & only then starting to write

This may seem like a lot to do before proposal writing. Yet, these prior steps will save you time, nerves, and motivation when the writing process starts. So much so, that in the end you will end up spending less time in total.

In other words, the project plan will have the key details, and you will just need to elaborate on those when writing. No more making stuff up as you go.

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