Project Schedule Management


Project Schedule Management, Identify and understand the processes, tools, and techniques required to manage the timely completion of projects.

Projects are one-off pieces of work that are completed within a fixed timescale. They are undertaken to create unique products and services. They usually contain many risks, uncertainties, and complexities that need to be managed. Projects are necessary for there to be developed in any business or nation. The challenge however is that management of projects could be complex especially if the requisite knowledge and skills are missing in those saddled with this responsibility.

There are a series of project management approaches and tools to help organizations reduce these risks, and create an effective platform to deliver project objectives. These approaches have been carefully documented over the years and they can be learned.

Training in project management, especially with a practical approach, can help participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills to appropriately utilize the project management tools and techniques to ensure success on their projects.

This course is uniquely designed to help people who actually handle projects to acquire specific skills, approaches, and tools they’ll need to run projects successfully, especially in the area of schedule management.

Participants in this course will;

Understand the fundamentals of Scheduling in Project Management

Identify and understand the processes required to manage the timely completion of projects

Understand the elements required in creating a schedule management plan for a project

Determine the processes needed to decompose a project into activities using appropriate project management tools

Sequence project activities by identifying and documenting relationships among activities as well as recognizing project management techniques to use

Understanding project activity dependencies, creating and interpreting the network diagram using the Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)

Estimating project duration using different estimating methods and techniques

Understanding the concept of the slack and critical path.

Performing critical path calculations and understanding how it applies to real-life projects

Learning various techniques for managing schedules on a project including schedule compression techniques, and resource leveling amongst others.

Gain knowledge that will be useful in passing certification exams in project management.

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