Principles of management


Principles of management, Functions of Management.

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Hello student welcome to course in which I am going to teach you Easy of learning Principles of management . I mrs Kashish Mehra is providing you course of Principle of Management I have 10 years of experience in Teaching field . My qualifications are mcom, ma , b.ed, set phd persuing.and running a successful channel on YouTube with the name SSD Educational classes. The discription of my courses is as under

Unit1 management concept, meaning, definitions, theories of management, contribution of Henry fayol, Contribution of, Elton mayo, Contribution of Fredrick Taylor

Unit 2 planning, meaning, concept, scope, definitions , characteristics, importance, advantage, disadvantage, difference between planning and forecasting, forecasting,  process of planning

Unit 3 organizing meaning, concept, scope, definitions , characteristics, Principles of organization, advantage, disadvantage line and staff organization, advantage and disadvantage a departmentation

Unit 4 Directing meaning, definitions, nature, scope, characteristics, concept, advantage, disadvantage, theories of motivation, Principles of coordination

Unit 5 Controlling, meaning, concept, advantage, nature, features, disadvantage techniques of Controlling,tool and process of Controlling

I hope we are going to make greate

I will try my best to give u in this course

This course is made especially for management students in which they are going to study about the topic which are mentioned above

If any topic that you want apart from the above content can be suggested I will try my level best to cover all the topic of Principle of management in my pre defined course

Hope you will buy my courses .

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