Press Start on Your Brand Message


Press Start on Your Brand Message, Finding our creative focus and brand message for making it out on our own.

Course Description

“Press Start on Your Brand Message” is a dynamic Udemy course designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers navigating the thrilling yet challenging landscape of creative industries. For those seeking liberation from conventional employment structures, this course offers a comprehensive roadmap toward self-employment as either an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

Inspired by the enchanting world of The Legend of Zelda, this course transcends traditional branding education. It serves as a transformative quest, guiding you through a shift from the drama triangle to the empowerment dynamic, fostering a mindset crucial for entrepreneurial success.

At the core of this journey lies an intricately crafted algorithm. This algorithm acts as a guiding beacon, enabling you to articulate your distinct offerings as a creator, challenger, or coach. Whether you’re crafting innovative creations, challenging established norms, or coaching others to their full potential, this course empowers you to craft a compelling brand message that resonates deeply.

Through avatars offered as diagnostic tools, you’ll identify your starting point on this transformative odyssey, gaining unparalleled clarity and direction. Engaging visual elements inspired by The Legend of Zelda immerse you in an interactive learning experience, equipping you to forge a brand message that propels you confidently into the realms of entrepreneurship or freelance success within the creative fields.

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