Practice tongue twisters with Pauline Midwinter


Practice tongue twisters with Pauline Midwinter, Increase your vocal strength today!

Course Description

In this free, short course, you’ll find

  1. 5 consonant-based tongue twisters
  2. 5 vowel-driven tongue twisters
  3. 3 super-advanced tongue twisters

I demonstrate each tongue twister at least twice, explaining the jaw movements, where to exaggerate the movement and where to reduce the pronunciation.

Tongue twisters help increase vocal strength by working the jaw muscles harder than usual speaking does. Once you gain confidence you can increase the speed which then increases the muscle workout even more!

Use tongue twisters:

  • Before an interview
  • Before a presentation
  • Before teaching
  • At the beginning of the day

…to make the most of their usefulness!

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