Portworx Fundamentals Training (PX v2.6)


Portworx Fundamentals Training (PX v2.6), Portworx Fundamentals.

Course Description

The Portworx Fundamentals course is designed for Kubernetes DevOps teams that will be admins of the container orchestration and data management platforms. Portworx Fundamentals targets a high-level understanding of concepts and utilizes a lab environment so that you can practice what you have learned while also preparing you for the certification exam, which is available upon completion of the training.

This course starts with a quick introduction to Portworx wherein it provides a high level overview of Portworx, its architecture, and the Portworx Control Plane. Next, it covers Portworx installation process for standalone mode and how to install Portworx on Kubernetes via DaemonSet and via Operator. It also provides an introduction to the Portworx CLI utility and Portworx Central. The course also looks at some core concepts, such as cluster quorum, storage pools, volume operations,  shared volumes, volumes on Docker, aggregation sets, and replication sets. It also covers topics, such as creating Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) using pre-deployed storage classes, deploying applications using PVCs, and provides an introduction to PX-AutoPilot and PX-Backup. The approximate duration of the entire learning path is 1 hour 24 minutes (excluding the two labs).

In this course, you will learn:

  • The basics of deploying and managing a Portworx Storage solution
  • Portworx Architecture
  • Portworx Clusters
  • Portworx CLI
  • Storage pools and volumes
  • Portworx on Kubernetes
  • Stateful application deployment

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