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Course Description

Become a certified Nurse aide and home aide worker with this  multiple module  training course. Master core caregiving competencies aligned with industry standards to provide compassionate, skilled in-home care.  With ageing populations  globally, there is growing demand forNurse aide workers and Home aide specialists that enables the elderly and disabled to retain independence and dignity in their own homes or care facilities. Besides professional nurses who provide more advanced medical care, home health aides and nurse aides play a critical supportive role in delivering compassionate, day-to-day personal care.

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This course may of interest to you, If you are

– Launching an aide career

– Expanding skills as an aide worker

– Passing the certification exams

– Moving to better destinations for aide worker jobs across

This specialist  course equips you with practical knowledge and techniques to succeed as an aide for multiple countries as Middle east, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and more. We have emphasised on the terminology and common diseases for a better understanding of the work. Learn the fundamentals from experienced specialist educators at your own pace – graduate ready for delivering professional care.

Given national shortages and high turnover among professional nurses, aides have become integral to enabling older and disabled adults to remain at home instead of getting prematurely admitted into scarce skilled nursing facilities. The future widespread desire for community-based long-term care is strnegthening the demand for competent direct care workers.

This comprehensive online course provides foundational skills to succeed as a well trained and confident home health aide, personal care aide, nurse aide or certified caregiver:

  • Gain core competencies aligned with global home health aide standards as  includes practices for delivering in-home care.
  • Learn through  in-depth modules focused on caregiving knowledge, techniques and applications – completing assignmets at your own pace.
  • Benefit from the expertise of an experienced nurse educator and training consultant guiding your learning journey.
  • Apply techniques hands-on with practical care tasks that build essential real-world skills.
  • Earn certificates from Udemy to showcase your completion of this complete package aide certification program. You can apply for extra certificate from Heartbeatsz academy if you need too for  extra fees.

We are confident, if you apply this knowledge with humane skills, you will have a great future.

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