Negotiation Skills for the Workplace


Negotiation Skills for the Workplace, Learn how to improve your negotiation skills to triumph in business and life.

Course Description

Every person, at every level within a company, should be able to negotiate. Having solid negotiation skills is as important to the individual as it is for the organisation overall. For employees, it can undoubtedly help to increase your value to the company, leading to more opportunities and a happier work-life. For the organisation, it can mean increased profits, better business relationships and additional opportunities. Having a strong set of negotiation skills is vital in accomplishing the outcomes we desire as an individual and as a whole, on behalf of our organisation.

In this course, we’ll cover:
– What is a Negotiation? We’ll break down what is meant by a ‘negotiation’.
– What are Negotiation Skills? We’ll look at the necessary components of a successful negotiation.
– Why are Negotiation Skills Important? We’ll look at why these skills are vital in creating a win-win outcome.
– The Four Phases of Negotiation – we’ll break down the negotiation process into it’s various stages.
– Different Negotiation Styles – we’ll look at these in order to be prepared for whatever may come up in a negotiation.
– Tips to Improve Negotiation Skills – we’ll look at how we can constantly sharpen our negotiation skills.
– Mistakes to Avoid in Negotiations – we’ll look at things to steer clear of in a negotiation.

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