Natural Polymer Material Exploration for Design TM


Natural Polymer Material Exploration for Design TM, With Real Time Case Study and Case Method.

About the Master Class:

Discourse comprehensively covers about the exploratory nature in which the designer should operate this also teaches about how certain materials of the properties can be distracted using mix of the other property of another material. Also just teach us about how the polymer properties could be enhanced to have fibrous strength so that it could lead a separate set of applications in real-time. This is shown with the real-time case study of an experiment done with natural polymers and natural fibres that is why it is called natural fibre reinforced plastic material

Design philosophy:

As I used to say in my design courses, that design cannot be learned in the rot learning or Text book way of learning that you do through a chapter wise and remember some formulas that will yield you some solutions. Design is unique and when different people approach the same problems we will get different solutions based on the inputs that designer works on.

So design can be approached in the way of learning through the case studies and by doing action on your own to learn yourself.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of Polymar Fiber Material Exploration With A Case Study

  1. Basic understanding of materials nature and property of a polymer which is polyethylene that is typically used
  2. By altering the property of the materials how one can achieve different properties such as fibre and elasticity at the same time which is lateral and linear strength
  3. Also this teachers mindset how a designer should be open in order to mix different materials to get desired properties
  4. It is also very important for a designer to choose each and every material based on the usability and his own context fitting materials usage and its application
  5. Also one will learn how different applications could be found with different properties what we have with our material. For this one should have a basic understanding of a material properties like polymers metals ceramics et cetera that is an inherent need of designer
  6. The prototyping process is explained in detail how it’s been taken from step one step to step 3 to finally get to do final prototype, Live demonstration of a process is being done so people can understand how much is the neighbour effort involved for each process
  7. Many practical application avenues have been found based on the material what we got so let’s say for wear and tear for for lateral strength for linear strength for fibre strength how much applications are already there in the market and how we can replace it successfully
  8. How as a designer one can learn about materials manufacturing process different properties of material so that when it comes to real time usage like of tablet without any problem or any help needed from somebody

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