Myyshop-How to do dropshipping without store


Myyshop-How to do dropshipping without store, 2 in 1 course -drop shipping products, or drop shippig service.

About Drop Shipping (Shipify)

How to Really Earn Shopify dropshipping with tight budget ? 6 figures E-com seller Formula : VERY VACANT VIRAL (we sell on Amazon Shopify DHgate…total 500 000 usd per month, proof inside)

How to start and really WIN IN drop shipping? How to over come common difficulty that drop shippers facing: No margin, No competiveness, No traffic? The answer is 3V formula by experience of my team and my students. Foundation reason of above diffculty is wrong product niche choosing. Build your confidence and courage about drop shipping!!! Teaching you How to Win is where my passion is.

Common difficulty For drop shippers especially for beginners

No margin / No competiveness /No traffic

Foundation reason of above problems: Wrong product niche choosing

3V formula to win in drop shipping

Niches with VERY rich profit

(profit out of products itself, art, meaning, gifts)

Niches online marketplace VACANT

(not good at: customized, print on demand, fast fashion)

Niches with VIRAL spread organic traffic

(people get people, we can’t rely solely on Facebook Google ads)

About Drop Servicing

What is Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is a business model, that a person, or a company sells services to clients, then hires less expensive freelancers or agencies to complete the work.

The drop servicing person or company acting as contact for its clients while its freelancer or agency partners do the work behind the scenes. Some drop servicers choose to keep this a secret, while someone may tell client they outsource the service.

Pro and Cons of Drop Servicing and Drop Shipping

Pros of Drop Shipping

No inventory

Cons of Drop Shipping

High competition (such as Amazon)

Not very low cost to set up (100-300 USD)

Ads fee

Lower rate to utilize your social connection

Turning around time

Pros of Drop Servicing

Lower competition than drop shipping

Free cost to set up (no need website)

Higher rate to utilize your social connection

Can reply on social media (Faceook page/group, Tiktok, content posting/active outreach) to get customers

Can be immediate income

Cons of Drop Servicing

Quality control of the service delivery

Efforts to spend time to get customers, to work with freelance

Way 1 to find Drop Servicing niches -freelance platform like Fiverr

1, Anything related to Graphic Design (example: logo design)

2, Anything related to Video (example: editing, animation)

3, Anything related to Digital Marketing (example: social media management)

4, Anything related to Tech/Web/App (example: programming)

Way 2 to find Drop Servicing niches – Facebook

Use any service that is on freelance sites (Fiverr), as keyword, and then search on Facebook, followed with: a b c d…

1, can find out what’s in demand

2, can find out the paint point of customers

3, can find out competitions

7 Principles for niche choosing.

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