Myyaffiliate – 60% margin affiliate dropshipping program


Myyaffiliate – 60% margin affiliate dropshipping program, My real success case, and big lesson after 5 years dropshipping, VERY VACANT VIRAL.

How to Really Earn Shopify dropshipping with tight budget ? 6 figures E-com seller Formula : VERY VACANT VIRAL (we sell on Amazon Shopify DHgate…total 500 000 usd per month, proof inside)

How to start and really WIN IN drop shipping? How to over come common difficulty that drop shippers facing: No margin, No competiveness, No traffic? The answer is 3V formula by experience of my team and my students. Foundation reason of above diffculty is wrong product niche choosing. Build your confidence and courage about drop shipping!!! Teaching you How to Win is where my passion is.

Common difficulty For drop shippers especially for beginners

No margin / No competiveness /No traffic

Foundation reason of above problems: Wrong product niche choosing

3V formula to win in drop shipping

Niches with VERY rich profit

(profit out of products itself, art, meaning, gifts)

Niches online marketplace VACANT

(not good at: customized, print on demand, fast fashion)

Niches with VIRAL spread organic traffic

(people get people, we can’t rely solely on Facebook Google ads)

Content structure of this course:

1, What is drop shipping, why is still the best business model for startups

2: Common difficulty drop shippers facing

3: 3V niche formula to overcome these problems, VERY, VACANT, VIRAL

4: 3V product research success example – Print on demand (POD) jewelry

5: 3V product research success example -Case studies on some print on demand jewelry sites

6: Where to find out print on demand jewelry suppliers, pro and cons

7: Build your confidence and courage about drop shipping, I focus on help you HOW TO WIN

Who is this course for:

1, e-com business starts-ups especially drop shipping start-ups

2, those who used to tried or fail drop shipping, or any e-com business

3, offline business who wants to go online

4, social celebrity or who have influence already (fans)

5, anyone who want to be get passive income

Showcase what we are selling with high margin in dropshipping with high margin? and fits 3V?

Print on demand jewelry

Optional: valuable English mastery skills:

By the way, English is always very important to win in E-com, especially drop shipping, when your buyers mostly speaking English

Product details, selling points, store barnd in image, you dont just write these to your client

You need to also think in English

I also include in this coure

how I master English speaking/grammar… so well as a non-native speaker

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