MySQL on Docker – Free


MySQL on Docker – Free, Run MySQL as Docker Container.

Course Description

In this course students should learn:

Docker Introduction

  • What is Docker
  • How Docker segregate the running containers as a processes
  • How each Docker process managed by its own control group

Docker Installation

  • What is difference between Docker Enterprise and Docker Community Edition
  • How to install Docker Engine
  • How to verify if Docker Engine is installed and what is the version
  • How to enable the Docker Service
  • How to Start and Stop Docker Service

Docker Image

  • Softwares have their sliced version converted into images
  • Each image has all the dependencies and shared libraries coupled together to form an image
  • How to search Docker Hub for images
  • How to pull latest of specific version of an image
  • What are Official Docker Images

Docker Container

  • Difference between Docker Image & Docker Container
  • How to create(run) a container
  • How to remove a container
  • How to publish Container port(s) to Host ports
  • How to bind local disk-based volumes
  • How to read Docker Container Logs
  • How to stop and start a container

MySQL Instance to Docker Container

  • How we can install both MySQL server and Docker on the same host
  • How MySQL instance’s data directory can be bind with Docker container
  • How can Docker Container run with existing MySQL Data Directory

Are there any course requirements?

  • Basic understanding of Docker
  • Basic understand of MySQL

Note: We will be using AWS Linux 2 to install Docker Community Edition. Since AWS Linux is Red Hat Based System so the installing the Docker on it should not be any different than installing Docker on CenOS or RedHat Linux.

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