Multisim GUI Training


Multisim GUI Training, Circuit designing, simulations and performance analysis on the circuits using MultiSim Software.

Course Description

This Multisim training course covers a basic understanding of User Interface, schematic capture and UI and complete circuits containing both analog and digital components. The topic covers the design process, placing and wiring components, learning about organized menus, toolbox design and accessing toolbars (creation, adding/remove, display). The course covers the basics of learning programs on schematic capture followed by simulation, virtual instruments, and analyses & graphs finally results and post-processing.

You will learn how to create a circuit button using RF Filter by placing components like capacitors, AC voltage. Setting your parameters to achieve filtering and viewing simulation.

In this Multisim training course, you will learn about schematic drawings with components and wiring. You will learn global preferences, sheet properties and inserting title block & adding subcircuits. You will also walk through learning drawing Schematic sheet and power supply.

This Multisim course works through a basic introduction to Microprocessor units. Here students were taught the use of each element of the software tool. You will be trained on Microcontrollers such as 8051 a and 8052 and PIC 16F84 to program in assembly code, designing advanced peripherals like ROM, RAM chips, LCD and others and designing Motherboards. This Multisim training course covers the performance analysis of Multisim. The course goes with an introduction to multi sim schematics, circuit voltages for variables.

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