Microsoft Sentinel Advanced Course: Secure Azure Like a Pro


Microsoft Sentinel Advanced Course: Secure Azure Like a Pro, Microsoft Sentinel as Code | Automatically Deploy Content to Azure | Build Repository | Learn ARM and Cost Optimization.

Course Description

Elevate your cloud security expertise to new heights as you seamlessly integrate Microsoft Sentinel into your Azure based workflows with GitHub. Harness essential tools like ARM, Bicep, Terraform, PowerShell, APIs and automate deployment process for security operations in Azure.

Through hands-on experiences, you’ll become adept at deploying critical components such as analytics rules, workbooks, playbooks and many more Microsoft Sentinel artifacts. Everything managed from a centralized repository through the efficiency of CI/CD pipeline, optimizing your cloud security strategy while streamlining operations.

Once you grasp the foundations of automation, you’ll dive deeper into the heart of Azure infrastructure management with ARM templates. You will master the art of infrastructure as code for Microsoft Sentinel, ensuring that your cloud environment is not only secure but also highly efficient.

You’ll also gain valuable insights into cost optimization strategies, ensuring that you can effectively secure your cloud environment while maximizing cost savings in Azure Cloud.

In essence, this course serves as your gateway to becoming a proficient cloud security architect expert within the Azure cloud ecosystem. It seamlessly combines essential integration skills, practical deployment experiences, automation mastery, infrastructure management, log analysis, and cost optimization into a comprehensive learning journey.

You will work with tools concepts and technologies such as CI/CD Pipeline, Infrastructure as Code, Azure DevOps, GitHub, ARM, Biceps, Terraform, Powershell, KQL, Basics Logs Search, KQL Transformation, Data Ingestion, Cross resource query, Azure Data Explorer and many more.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Elevate your expertise in Azure cloud security today and position yourself as a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing.

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