Medical Biochemistry MCQs Part 1


Medical Biochemistry MCQs Part 1, simplifying multiple choice questions.

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Imagine seeing a questions like the ones below while writing a medical biochemistry exam and you immediately go completely blank & scared


A 28yr old final year student went on an empty stomach to the gym this morning to workout. After working out for up to 2 hours, he decided to take a drink. Instead of drinking water, he drank up to 3 bottles of an alcohol containing drink. Few minutes after that he slumped and died. Putting the incident surrounding his death into consideration, What could have been the cause of his death?


Mr Amadi is a 65 year old farmer who produces garri for a living, Who was rushed in to the emergency unit this morning with a blood pressure of 190/120 mmHg. The house officer on call quickly gave a IV Nitroprusside (but gave it quickly).

A.What possible complications may result from the quick administration of Nitroprusside

B. What part of the Electron Transport Chain would be affected by the complication

C. What drug must he give as follow up to reduce the potential complications?

Don’t worry! these are actually very simple questions to solve if you’re well taught to understand the basic concepts of medical biochemistry.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr Onos, I’m a medical doctor and a medical biochemistry tutor/coach at TAVAcademy, I will like to take you through a journey that’ll simplify medical biochemistry for you and give some clinical applications to medical biochemistry.

In this course, we will be reviewing multiple choice questions in medical biochemistry. We will start with some topics in general biochemistry then enter into the metabolism of some biomolecules.

The topics in general biochemistry will include ;

  • Enzymology
  • Carbohydrates chemistry
  • Lipid chemistry
  • Nucleic acid chemistry
  • Amino acid chemistry
  • Vitamins
  • Protein structures
  • Method of isolation and identification of proteins (protein purification)

Topics to consider under the metabolism of biomolecules will include;

  • Carbohydrates metabolism
  • Fat and Lipid metabolism
  • Amino metabolism
  • Heme metabolism
  • Nucleotide metabolism

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