Medical Billing |RCM| US Health care


Medical Billing |RCM| US Health care, Medical Billing Concepts, Job Opportunities in Medical Billing, AR analyst part in detail.

Course Description

You will learn all about RCM called Revenue cycle management/US Healthcare from beginning to end. This course is for BPO, KPO or person who willing to move their carrier in medical billing high demand market, can start immediate after their graduation from any stream.

You can be in any one of the fields after going through with the course. You can be in collection agency, Patient services team, Patient statement team, AR follow up team, Payment posting team, claim submission team, Charge/demographic entry team, can further lean coding and can be in coding team, can be in credentialling/enrolment team, transition team etc. According to knowledge and experience you can be in any team also according to your interest.

RCM/US Heath care is the vast field to learn, day by day world moving towards the quality of medication with the medial standards. US Healthcare is the one of the examples where every treatment coded in accordance with the coding guideline and every medication liable to paid by the insurance companies not by the patient 100%. This course will cover from beginning to till joining how you can grab a job in medical billing companies and will give you a brief out come about the salary slab and companies from where you can start your carrier.

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