MAVEN – Beginners to Advanced


MAVEN – Beginners to Advanced, You get to learn automated Java build tools such as XML, ANT, MAVEN.

Course Description

The main purpose of this Maven certification to train you on how to work with Maven to make the development phase easy for the developers. One who opts for this Maven training course will get very close exposure to how the automation techniques could be used in the quick development of the application. You will learn how to code and how to use the predefined methods and statements to develop the application. You will be getting exposure to how to work with Marven so that you can be a job reach right after the completion of this Maven training course. In addition to these, you will also learn several new things about the manual code writing. So in a nutshell, you will learn almost everything about software development.

Maven may be defined as a tool that is used to automate the development of any Java-based application or software. It is the reason that replaced the traditional approach of programming that was time-consuming with the modern approach that leads to the rapid development of the application. It is comprised of several libraries that are fetched from the repository online. The libraries have several pre-build functionalities that can be leveraged in the automation of the development. It is very simple to use and can be learned quickly. The developers find it very convenient to work with Maven as it lets them save huge time that they can devote to develop logic while developing the complex application.

It may also be defined as one of the tools that are used to work with Java codes to make the application development rapid and efficient. The libraries can be updated online and can be used further with ease to bring more and more functionality to the application. It is also important to understand that as it works with Java only, it won’t be used to develop an application that is developed using another program. It leads to the saving of time and that is the primary reason for its existence.

The main objective of the training is to make you understand and learn the core concepts of the maven tool. The maven tool is developed in the Java language. In this training it covers 4 courses and 6 projects. The concepts which are covered under this training are Java build tools – maven and ant, selenium – TestNG with Apache Ant and maven, maven, and Java new version features.

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