Mastermind NLP [SALES and RELATIONSHIP] Techniques!


Mastermind NLP [SALES and RELATIONSHIP] Techniques! For beginners (but intermediates will love the refresher!).

Course Description

Two world-renowned Hypnotherapists have come together to teach you some of the most powerful techniques of the subconscious mind!

Meet Sandy Ames, CHt, Master Certified Hypnotherapist from New York City.

Sandy’s mastermind subconscious mind-power work has been featured on CNN, in the Guardian, and world-wide, via iHeartRadio and other media outlets.  You can listen to her free masterclasses on iHeart’s ROCKSTAR Change-Making Podcast.  You also have unlimited free access to hypnosis and meditation recordings on the ROCKSTAR Your Mind app.  Find plenty of Sandy’s courses here on Udemy, as well!

Michele Guzy is one of L.A.’s Premier Clinical Hypnotherapists, Instructors and Transpersonal Psychology Mind Coaches.

She is internationally known as the original “Mind Coach.”  Michele is renowned for her breakthrough method, “The Realization Trance-Formation.”

In this absolutely free Udemy course, Sandy and Michele discuss NLP (which is Neuro Linguistic Programming).

It’s a fancy way to say that you can uncover how people operate in the world.  It’s based on their beliefs and the way their brains are wired.  No big deal.  Just a way to become a better communicator!

You’ll learn how to improve: Relationships, Communication, Sales, Career, Success, and even (dare we say…Parenting!)

The last four minutes of Lecture 1 summarize and recap some seriously powerful questions to keep in your arsenal.  Don’t skip that!

And definitely do the homework assignments.  They’ll cook these life-changing, power-enhancing techniques into your brain forever.  It’s good stuff, so do it! 🙂

The video lectures are set up to run in backwards order!  The first video in the course was recorded later in time.  It skips the explanation of NLP and cuts straight to the point.  It begins teaching some powerful communication techniques right off the bat!  This way, if you want to really get some bang for your buck (the course is free anyway..!) you can choose to just watch the first lecture, and take off!

Lecture 2 (which came first in real time) is Sandy’s podcast episode in which she interviews Michele about what NLP even is,   who can use it (You!), how it works, and why it works.

This second lecture also teaches you how to catch a liar! So if we were you, we wouldn’t skip it!

Enjoy this free course!


Sandy & Michele 🙂

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