Mastering Real-Time Analytics on AWS


Mastering Real-Time Analytics on AWS, Learn to Build a Scalable Real-Time Analytics Platform with SingleStoreDB and AWS.

Course Description

Are you interested in learning how to develop a real-time analytics platform?

Are you interested in learning how to analyze, process, and ingest large data in real-time?

Are you curious about the compatibility and connectivity between SingleStoreDB and AWS?

If yes, then this course is right for you.

This course offers a thorough overview of SingleStoreDB, a scalable, real-time, and high-performance distributed database, and AWS, a cloud computing platform, and is intended for IT professionals, data analysts, developers, and tech enthusiasts. With these technologies, students will learn how to build an operational analytics solution, including how to ingest and store data, perform analysis within SingleStoreDB, and visualize data with AWS QuickSight.

Additionally, students will learn about SingleStoreDB, its performance and capability overview, its technical differences, and its benefits, as well as its compatibility and connectivity with AWS. Students will also learn how to set up a SingleStoreDB Free Cloud environment and an AWS Free Tier account.

This course also delves further into developing an operational analytics solution. Students will learn about the real-time analytics platform architecture as well as how to set up SingleStoreDB and multiple ways to connect to the databases and tables. Students will also learn how to run real-time operational analytics and import data into SingleStoreDB via S3 pipelines. In addition to data import, students will learn how to view graphical and visual insights of the data using AWS QuickSight.

Furthermore, this course provides a practical approach to learning where students will have the opportunity to practice what is taught. These practices include streaming consumer event data into SingleStoreDB from AWS S3, ingesting data into SingleStoreDB, and running real-time operational analytics.

In conclusion, this course is designed for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to build a real-time analytics platform using SingleStoreDB and AWS, as well as how SingleStoreDB and AWS are compatible and can be used together to build various real-time solutions.

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