Master MCSE : Windows Server 2022 OS Administration Course


Master MCSE : Windows Server 2022 OS Administration Course, Ultimate Windows Server 2022 System Administration Operating System Course : MCSE With Practical & Hands-on Training.

Course Description

This Course is primarily designed for anyone who is interested in  Windows Server System Administration.

Why this Windows Server System Administration Course? 

  1. Demand for skilled professionals in the field: Companies around the world rely on servers running the Windows operating system to support their business operations. As a result, there is a high demand for professionals who are proficient in managing and maintaining these systems.
  2. Career advancement opportunities: By learning the Windows Server operating system, you can position yourself for advancement in your current job or open up new career opportunities in fields such as system administration, network engineering, and cloud computing.
  3. Comprehensive course content: This course should provide a thorough overview of the Windows Server operating system, including topics such as installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting. This will give you the skills and knowledge you need to confidently work with these systems in a professional setting.
  4. Expert instructors: The course should be taught by experienced professionals who have real-world experience working with the Windows Server operating system. This will ensure that you are learning from experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance.
  5. Hands-on learning: In addition to lectures and demonstrations, the course should provide opportunities for hands-on learning, such as lab exercises and case studies. This will give you the chance to apply what you have learned and gain practical experience working with the Windows Server operating system.
  6. After completing it you will be a System Administrator ( Level 2 Administrator) and you can manage Windows Server Operating Systems like Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012.


“Very well detailed with a lot of labs Highly recommended for candidates, who are striving to learn Win server basics and getting a strong foundation.”  Hikmat.El-Mahmoud

“learned a lot with this Course” Ajay Kumar

“Thanks for knowledge aaa well as certificate in low cast it’s good and infective understanding”Ashish Papadkar

“he is a good instructor and the way he presents in easily understandable by anyone.” Susenyos Legesse

“This course is extremely helpful and informative for my next venture as a service admin.” Charnjeet Singh Bhullar

“Simple and easy explanation Grt Course” Akhtar Zeb

“This course is very helpful for me as i was searching for videos to update my knowledge. Well Explained, Thank You” -Mohd A.

” One of the best lecturers. He used to present the lectures very nicely and the way of conducting classes was impressive. Very knowledgeable and cooperative . He is good at explaining in a very understandable way. The notes provided are precise. He is always reachable even after the class /course and eager to help if there is any doubt” – Sharmin Akhter

“I have been trained CCNA course by Mohammed. He has the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way. Admired by his technique when performing Practical Labs and Troubleshooting the issues. I will look forward to learn more from him in future “- Ramesh S

“its was nice good peaching & very helpful video content” Avi Sarkar


  • What is a Computer?
  • Computer Generations.
  • Computer Components.
  • What are Networks and Networking?
  • Network Devices and their functionalities.
  • What is an Operating System?
  • Windows Server 2022 Installation
  • Windows 10 Installation
  • IP Addressing
  • Physical and Logical topologies
  • Active Directory
  • Domain Controller
  • Joining clients to the domain
  • User Management
  • Editing Default Password Policy
  • Account Lockout Policy
  • Restricting Users
  • Groups
  • Giving Administrator Rights To Users
  • Partition
  • Security Level Permission
  • Share Level Permission
  • Local Profile
  • Roaming Profile
  • Home Folder
  • FSRM
  • Organization Unit
  • Delegation
  • Additional Domain Controller
  • Tree
  • Forest
  • Active Directory Roles
  • Transfer Of Roles
  • Seize Of Roles
  • Group Policy
  • OU Level Group Policy
  • Domain-Level Group Policy
  • Site Level Group Policy
  • Group Policy Modeling
  • Group Policy Backup and Recovery
  • Applying Scripts Using Group Policy
  • Trust and Its Types
  • Active Directory Partitions
  • Global Catalog
  • Sites
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • IIS
  • Remote Desktop Service
  • Remote Access Service
  • FTP
  • Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Virtualizaiton: Hyper- V
  • Server Core etc.

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