Master French Noun Genders & Gendered Grammar


Master French Noun Genders & Gendered Grammar, Discover an easy system to recognize the masculine & feminine genders of French words and grow your vocabulary.

Easily knowing with certainty which French words are masculine and feminine (without guessing and memorizing) is how you will be able to speak French confidently and fluently… Speaking and writing French is so much easier when we know the genders of the nouns we use.

But keeping track of French nouns and their masculine or feminine genders has been one of the most confusing challenges for English-speaking French learners for ages.

In this course, English-speaking French learners will learn French noun genders based on how we think as English natives.

In this course, I’ll walk you through the complete system of rules, categories, and exceptions that govern the genders of French nouns.

The sections in this course follow the sections from your handout called – The Container Method – A Simple System for Organizing French Words into Masculine and Feminine Groups.

In Section 1 of this course, I’m going to show you how to easily identify masculine French nouns. Masculine nouns account for over 65% of French nouns so by the end of Section 1 you’ll recognize the genders of most nouns in the French language!

In Section 2 I’ll show you how to easily identify feminine nouns, and in Section 3 you’ll apply noun gender rules to identify the genders of compound nouns.

And throughout all these sections you’ll be exposed to so many new authentic French words including formal, informal, beginner, advanced, and slang words. You can look forward to massively growing your French vocabulary to advanced levels.

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