Master Clickfunnels: The Ultimate Course for Sales Funnels


Master Clickfunnels: The Ultimate Course for Sales Funnels, The most comprehensive primer on creating sales funnels + 5 FREE Funnels.

Course Description

**UPDATED October 2018**

You may have seen other courses on “Sales Funnels” on here…

Before I get into exactly why this is different and what you’ll learn here, here’s what I’ve done:

  • Built my first sales funnel from scratch
  • Taught thousands of people how to create their first funnel
  • Generated thousands of podcast downloads from the site
  • Inspired students to take action and use that momentum to build something incredible to transform their lives

In this course, you’ll learn step by step and get an insider’s view of how to create the same results.

Creating a sales funnel isn’t tough…the real secret sauce is understanding the mindset to be successful. Let’s face it, there is incredible information out there but it is up to you to take action. With this course, you’ll have the support to take action.

We’ll cover the basics of creating your website, but also more advanced strategies like:

  • The science of a sales funnel and why they are imperative for digital marketing
  • 5 FREE sales funnels
  • Bonus 1: Membership site walk-through
  • Bonus 2: Access to the Clickfunnels community
  • Bonus 3: Affiliate marketing primer

There’s plenty of other material on “sales funnels” but they felt outdated and I didn’t feel like they covered all the tactics available to really crush it on Clickfunnels which is why I created this course.

Whether your goal is to start developing passive income or simply grow your thought leadership online this is the course for you…

From UDEMY community members…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the WordPress course by Blaine. He sounds gentle and communicates in a comfortable voice and pace. In the beginning, when he went through his slides, I thought this was a mere presentation and I was about to close the course but then he started the real WordPress course which thought was very informative and gave me precisely what I was looking for in WP course. I have used WP blogging before and as he went through the course, it all came back to me. I am glad I stayed with his course. His course is as good as it could be and worth every free penny I spent on this course! ! I highly recommend this course to all who want to learn WP and blogging.”  -Himanshu

All the information was presented in a clear manner and the instructor was honest enough to declare that he will make a commission if his promo code is used.” -Katina

“very informative. I only wish is was longer!!!  -Steven

“Great course and fantastic instructor. After spending the time to go through this course, I realize how much money I will save by building my website on my own. I suggest taking the time to follow the instructor’s suggestions and you will have your site up in no time and will be able to troubleshoot and make additions for the long-term.” -Eric

From Entrepreneur Takeover community members…

The questions are to the point and reflect topics I would love to ask startup entrepreneurs myself. As a small business owner, this is a great way to hear new ideas for approaching the early stages of startup ventures. The mistakes and eventual successes of these entrepreneurs is very inspiring. Really glad I found this.” -Troy C 

“If the last 100 years were characterized by mass employment, the next 100 will be characterized by entrepreneurship, and Blaine is out to fuel the takeover! Looking forward to future episodes” –Nick L

We all learn best from our mistakes and Entrepreneur Takeover bridges the gap between successful entrepreneurs and aspiring ones. Blaine’s guests inform the listener on his/her past mistakes, how to avoid them and what he/she learned along the way. This is a must listen for anyone looking to improve their business and take over the competition.” –Matt L

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