Make A Website In 1 Day: Part 2


Make A Website In 1 Day: Part 2, Learn how to create a high quality website in one day that people will pay well for (taken from Freedom Magnet course).

Course Description

This is PART 2 of this course. You should watch part one first (Make A Website In 1 Day: Part 2).

Learn how to create a high quality website and put it online in one day! This is an extremely in demand and valuable skill that you can charge for.

I want you to see and realize that it is a lot easier to create a high-quality and customizable website than most people think.

This course has been divided in parts one and two because this was the only way I could offer this for free.

This course is a sub-section of the Freedom¬†Magnet Course on building passive income websites. However, if you have no interest in how to generate passive income with website development, no worries, this course stands alone and is FREE so that you can learn how to build your own websites and have the ability to share with the world whatever creative pursuit you’d like to.

Whether you want to learn how to make money online and from home and this is your first foundational step, or you want to become a freelance website developer, or you just want to learn an interesting new skill, or you want to share something with the world, this course will help you with these goals.

You do not need any experience at all to successfully complete this course.

Just a note that even though this course it free, in order to put a website online, you need to purchase a website domain name and hosting which costs in total about fifty dollars per year.

I hope you enjoy it and have a great time learning the fun and valuable skill of WordPress website development.

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