Licensing 101


Licensing 101, A Beginners Guide to Making Money with IP.

Course Description

Welcome to Licensing 101. This 5 part video e-course will give you a quick overview of licensing – what it is and how to use it to make money with your intellectual property.

If you’re new to the world of intellectual property and licensing, then this course is for you. It’s a plain-language guide on what licensing is and how to use it to make money with your IP.

Here’s a quick introduction to what’s covered during this video e-course:

● What is IP – the different categories and types of intellectual property (and which type is most often overlooked).

● What is Licensing – how licensing works and the number one most important thing you must develop to be successful.

● How to Make Your IP “Licensable” – the 6 key factors that make IP licensable and how to figure out if your IP is missing these.

● The Hidden Advantages of Licensing – why licensing is one of the fastest and lowest-cost ways to get your IP into the market.

● The Licensing Process – 6 key steps to creating licensing deals and several real-life case studies so you can see exactly how the licensing process works.

Like any other skill set, whether it is accounting, marketing, legal or creative, you need professional guidance to teach and show you how to use those skills successfully. That’s why I created Licensing 101: A Beginners Guide to Making Money with IP. It will teach you the basic licensing process – what it is and how it works – so you can start taking action with your IP.

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