Leverage YouTube Data Analytics To Grow Your YouTube Channel


Leverage YouTube Data Analytics To Grow Your YouTube Channel, Get More YouTube Views And Subscribers By Taking Control Of Your YouTube Analytics.

Course Description

Hi! 😀 In this YouTube data analytics course, I teach you how to dive deep into your YouTube data analytics so you can grow your YouTube channel fast, get more quality views, and real subscribers (based on In-depth YouTube data analysis, which I’ll simplify for you, yay). The course is 100% transparent, I show you my own analytics and walk you through my channel in real-time. The information is based on my own YouTube experience, I am still in the YouTube trenches, every day! 🙂

You’ll learn how to:

Read your YouTube data analytics and understand ALL the graphs/numbers that YouTube provides you with, so you can actually see which pieces of content work better.

Read your YouTube data analytics on your mobile application, gotta love those little devices 😀

Grow your YouTube channel, for real… You’ll learn how to get more views, get more quality subscribers by truly giving a deep dive into the numbers you get from YouTube, so you can grow faster by following the data (and your passion :D).

About my path on YouTube: 

I started YouTube on the 5th of December 2018. Well, actually, before a bit before that. The 5th of December 2018 was the date I posted my first video.  Before that, I’ve invested time into learning about this awesome platform, did a YouTube course and a personal branding course.

On YouTube, I decided to share my experience of selling on Amazon, I started selling there in late 2016 (first sale 25th of January 2017 XD), and still sell on the platform. So I had some cool experience (about 2 years at that point), so I started sharing tutorials, personal stories, vlogs, software/course reviews, and more content in the Amazon FBA YouTube niche. I love it 🙂

So at the time of writing, 14th of September 2020 (a bit after I finished creating this course), I have 1506 subscribers, 161 videos (some unlisted) and in the last 28 days, my channel got 7258 views, 628.2 watch time hours, 217$ in profit from YouTube ads. Yay, so it grew from the numbers recorded in the course, which is cool =) Maybe I should keep updating the description here, as I progress… But sorry, I am off topic a bit, there’s a course about YouTube data analytics here xDDD


Come, join the YouTube analytics course today 🙂 Invest your time to go through the course, I did my sincere best for you. I truly believe that this course will help you with your YouTube growth. I am active daily to answer any of your questions and I will do so in the best way possible for you to succeed, I truly care!

Cya inside and thank you!


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