Level 1 – How to run RPA/Automation projects, the easy way


Level 1 – How to run RPA/Automation projects, the easy way, NO MORE AUTOMATION EXPERTS?! Become an expert YOURSELF.

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There’s a MASSIVE shortage of experts in this automation, and the growing demand for automation has made finding automation (RPA/robotic process automation) experts extremely challenging. Especially for those with more than a couple of years of experience

A small team of experts is an expensive process, and large external teams require considerable on-boarding to get acquainted with stakeholders and business processes, culture

Empowering yourself and your colleagues to do it yourselves in a repeatable and controlled way could be your best bet!

Find out the fastest way to SCALE UP your automation programs, so that you can roll out automation company-wide without breaking the bank

From newbie to pro:

· 14 most common pitfalls most new automation teams experience, and what to do about it

· 6 inefficiencies eating up your team/business’s resources

· Are you struggling with these common challenges in automation/rpa?

· Are you making these 5 common mistakes in automation/rpa?

Make a difference:

· Get senior leaders excited about automation in 10 steps

· 7 steps to find root causes of business issues and problems

· 22 steps from automation noobs to pros

· 5 ways to re-design a process for automation – get more from rpa

· 6 things before launching bots! Watch if you’re a developer

· Your automation desperately needs some d.o.w.n.t.i.m.e. right now

· 5 things after you build bots!! Don’t launch without it

Become the automation hero your team desperately needs:

· Intelligent automation matchmaker. Find the right ai tech for you!

· Your automation is saving more than you think! Don’t sell yourself short

· What is pdd and why does automation need it?

· Are you mapping your process correctly? Streamline before automation

· Trust the process – before you automate, clearly define the steps

· What is pdd and why does automation need IT?

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