Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2022 from NLU Toppers


Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2022 from NLU Toppers, Comprehensive course on how to tackle the Legal Aptitude section for CLAT and other law entrance exams.

Course Description

To reason like a lawyer is not as easy as we see in our favourite shows, which is why we bring you our comprehensive course to sharpen your legal aptitude and knowledge! We have simplified the complicated legal concepts for your better understanding. Now, take the ‘Legal Aptitude’ section of the test without any anxiety. Learn, practice, and track your progress with us! In this course, we discuss the concepts of proposal and acceptance, the concept of consideration to a contract, and the elements of valid consideration. We also look at some exceptions to the general principles related to valid consideration. We look into what a tort is, then, move into the essential elements of a tort, remedies against a commission of a tort, and how a tortious wrong is different from other offenses. We also discuss the topic Assault and Battery where we explore its essential elements, exceptions to the two torts, and the differences between them with the help of a few case laws. We discuss the general principles of criminal law, the difference between culpable homicide and murder. We will also cover the Constitution of India and basic concepts related along with the concept of citizenship, and more.

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