Lee’s Web Hacking (XSS , SQL Injection)


Lee’s Web Hacking (XSS , SQL Injection), This course is designed for web hacking skills for only basic users.

Course Description

This course is very simple but has interesting content.

  • The most famous skills to attack the web server.
  • Even when you don’t have a computer, Just watching it in the subway or bus then you can get the knowledge about interesting hacking skills.
  • Designed by the instructor who has the experience of the Institute about Hacking / Security for 20years.
  • It is designed like an E-Book.

Just for To make it easier to see on your smartphone or tablet.

  • As you know, If you don’t know well about it, it would be a very mysterious and strange world.
  • However, you will find that hacking can happen in more common spots.
  • After taking my course, The idea that only great skill can stop hacking will change a little.

You can learn the basic principles of xss and sql-injection in a simple sample.

It’s a very simple sample, but it’s designed in a scalable way.

I am using a web server application called xampp, and the database will use mysql.

It will be applicable to most web servers because it will be tested from the most common settings.

There are many kinds of xss, but the most effective thing in real life is stored-xss.

This is because malicious code is permanently stored in the database

The ripple effect itself is different from other xss codes that have only a temporary effect. You’ll see how this is possible.

And we’re going to look at the SQL attack technology, INJECTION. It’s a scary technique to put abnormal sentences into normal SQL sentences and make hackers do what they want. You’ll find this technology surprisingly easy to use.

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