Learning Design Concepts of Code NEC 690 for Solar PV System


Learning Design Concepts of Code NEC 690 for Solar PV System, Understand core concepts of National Electric Code (Article 690) for Solar PV Systems necessary for US and other markets.

1) This Course shall introduce you basic and core concepts of National Electric Code which are necessary to implement in US, or, in either case you are working in any market of the world. Code like NFPA70 or National Electric Code (NEC) helps to design the systems safe and safeguard human and other property.

2) If you are interested to learn designing of Solar PV systems than understanding Article NEC 690 is mandatory to bring your knowledge at par with international and professional level .

3) Understanding Codes and Standards is a necessary step in learning. This course shall kick-start your understanding about very popular and mostly used National Electric Code world-over.

Course Contents (TOC)

1) NEC 690.1: Definitions:

Interactive System, Multimode System, DC or AC Coupled Multimode System

2) NEC 690.7: Understanding maximum Voltage in a Solar PV System:

Two Methods of Maximum Voltage

3) NEC 690.8: Understanding concepts of Maximum Current and Circuit Sizing

Two Methods of Conductor Sizing

4) NEC 690.12: Understanding the concept and requirements of Rapid Shutdown System

Rapid Shutdown System is required to safeguard the human property

5) NEC 690.9: Understanding core concepts of Over-Current Protection

Where Over-Current Protection Device (OCPD) is required or not required

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