Learning Concepts of Machine Tool Gear Box


Learning Concepts of Machine Tool Gear Box, Learning Concepts of Machine Tool Gear Box for engineers and professionals.

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In Mechanical Engineering stream the subject name is Mechanical System Design in this subject related to design of various systems such as pressure vessel, machine tool gearbox and IC engine components which will help students to design systems related to industries. out of which said course will learn to the student of engineering about the thoro knowledge and giving the brief information of learning concepts of design specifically for machine tool gear box used in the lathe machine and various machine tools those are dealing with the superior finishing of the product and it’s classification of machine tool drives, purpose of gear box, consideration in design of multi speed gear box, why multispeed is required on spindle shaft, terminology in multi speed gear box, laws of stepped regulation, advantages of geometric progression, kinematic diagram of gear box, structural formula, structural diagram, ray diagram, speed chart, gearing diagram and speed chart.

Gearboxes are used to obtain variable speed and torque to the headstock spindle in lathes according to the work done. Usually the gearbox is placed inside the headstock. This causes various problems such as structural vibration which affects the accuracy of the work done, causes inconveniences during maintenance and also increases difficulties in case any replacements are required.

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