Learn the basics of how to negotiate well in work and life


Learn the basics of how to negotiate well in work and life, Negotiation happens at some point with everyone in life and business. This course will help you be ready to do it well.

Course Description

Welcome to our Negotiation Skills 101 course brought to you by Freedom Learning. This course is for everyone and you do not need any skills or experience to particpate in this programme. Negotiation happens at some point with everyone, whether it is trying to negotiate a big business deal, a pay rise or even who is going to do the washing up after dinner! This course will help you grasp the key basics what a negotiation is and how to do it well in order to get a better outcome. In this programme there are three video lectures and a quiz. The first video lecture explores what negotiation is and some of the most important aspects that need to be considered when planning for a Negotiation. In the second video lecture we use a case study to highlight what variables are how important they are in preparing for and perfoming a negotiation. In the third video lecture, we look briefly at the 5 key stages of a negotiation process and provide some tips on how to navigate through each stage. Finally you will have the opportunity to complete a short quiz to test yourself on what you have learned in this programme. Come on in and enjoy this developing your skills in the art of good simple negotiation.

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