Learn ESP32 with this 30 Days Challenge


Learn ESP32 with this 30 Days Challenge, This 30 days challenge will teach you how to use ESP32 to its fullest potential.

Course Description


Are you looking for a single course to teach you everything about the ESP32? Look no further, this 30-day challenge course is for you. The course is designed for beginners who want to get started with the ESP32. We will start by configuring the wifi and network so that you can start coding and using the ESP32.

In the next 30 days, we will cover all the basic features of the ESP32 using a series of sample programs.

During these 30 days, you will develop your programming skills and learn how to use the various tools available for your work.

You will also learn how to connect to the ESP32 using the Arduino IDE and make use of libraries.

The ESP32 is a microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The ESP32 is a full-featured and powerful microcontroller that can be programmed using C/C++ or other languages.

It has a lot of great features, including WiFi, Bluetooth, low power consumption, dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The ESP32 provides an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solution, which is the first fully integrated dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC.

This course is on includes video content as well as text. The video content will include an overview of the ESP32, followed by an introduction to programming it. The videos also cover the following topics:

  • Day 1- 6: IoT Internet of Things Crash Course
  • Day 7 – 9: ESP32 Programming without Coding
  • Day 10 – 12: ESP32 OTA Update(Over the Air) course
  • Day 13 – 15: ESP32 Web Server
  • Day 16 – 18: ESP32 Email Alert Based on Sensors Reading
  • Day 19 – 21: Create IoT Smart Garden with ESP32 and Blynk
  • Day 22 – 24: ESP32 + Telegram: Get Real-time notification for FREE
  • Day 25 – 27: ESP32 + Databases to Control Anything Anywhere
  • Day 28 – 30: ESP32 + Arduino Interfacing: A Step by Step Course

The ESP32 turns the Arduino IDE into an efficient development platform for all kinds of embedded projects. With the growth of the IoT market, ESP32 is one of the best technologies to fight against competition with its features such as dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The ESP32 is integrated with WIFI and Bluetooth which can be used to connect to the sensors and other devices.

Why you should take this course?

  • Learn ESP32 with this 30 Days Challenge course
  • Learn how to use different components of the ESP32
  • Get up to speed with the basics of programming and using the ESP32
  • Get access to a range of tutorials and resources to help you further your knowledge
  • You can use ESP32 for a wide range of applications, including home automation, IoT, and more.
  • Learning ESP32 will give you an edge over other programmers.

You will learn everything about ESP32 using this 30 days challenge.

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