Learn about Exceptions in Selenium


Learn about Exceptions in Selenium, This brief course talks about exceptions of selenium.

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Exceptions and errors are part and parcel of coding activities. As we use Selenium for different activtities which primarily involves driving the browser, we will come across issues as we use a programming language to implement it. Selenium primarily just drives the browser, what we do with that power is entirely upto us. Selenium doesn’t comeup with any ability to handle exceptions, the onus of it lies on the programming language we will use to implement Selenium.

In this brief course we have tried to talk about exceptions, errors and a few most common exceptions one can encounter while working with Selenium .

WebDriverException is the parent class from which all exceptions are derived. The implementation of this class and its sub classes is same across different libraries of selenium found in different programming languages.

Some of the exceptions we see in this video are NotFoundException like NoSuchElementFound, NoAlertFound, NoWindowException, NoFrameException, StaleElementException ElementNotInteractableException

and then we see recreating them using code and websites examples.

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