Lean Manufacturing from beginning to expert


Lean Manufacturing from beginning to expert, Gain New Career Perspectives: Master Lean Manufacturing Techniques to Enhance Your Professional Opportunities and Succes.

Course Description

A practitioner with 25 years of experience in implementing Lean Manufacturing principles has created this Lean Manufacturing course. The course offers a comprehensive view of Lean Manufacturing, combining theory with practical examples and case studies from the real world. This enables participants to understand the key concepts and see how they are applied in practice.

The course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing, including its definition, history, and evolution. It then progresses to a detailed exploration of the eight types of waste in Lean Manufacturing, each type being thoroughly described along with its causes, effects, and strategies for elimination.

The following sections of the course cover Lean tools such as 5S, One Piece Flow, Kanban, and Poka-yoke. Participants will learn how these tools can optimize production processes, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. Special attention is also given to SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) methods, vital to increasing machine productivity and reliability.

The course also discusses methods for identifying and eliminating waste and the principles of Kaizen, or continuous improvement. Participants will learn how to implement a Lean culture in their organization, how to measure the effects of Lean implementation, and how to maintain and develop a Lean culture in the long term.

By engaging in practical exercises and studying real-world examples, participants will be equipped to directly apply the knowledge gained in their organizations. This will enable them to make significant strides in improving their operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

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