JSON Crash Course


JSON Crash Course, JavaScript Object Notation for Beginners.

Course Description

If you are learning Power Platform, Power Automate expressions, PowerApps, JavaScript or any technology that requires JSON and you have no clue what JSON is this course is for you.

You don’t need to be a programmer to learn JSON. In fact in this day and age JSON is not for programmers anymore. This course is designed for absolute newbies and you really don’t need to be a nerd to find this course interesting.

In this course you will learn JSON from ground zero. We start with daily examples that a middle school child can understand and JSON being so easy by nature doesn’t take you too long to master. The course is short and all you need is an hour of your time.

JSON is a simple data format format, just like CSV but with a lot more flexibility and a structure that can express real world data. It is famous because it is understandable by both human and machine. In today world there are lots of online tools that help you write JSON code with easy although after this course, most probably you don’t even feel the need for them.

I mainly designed this course for my workflow students that need to have a good grasp of JSON before writing workflow expressions, but this course can be used by anyone who wants to get a quick grasp of JSON regardless of background.

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