JavaScript For Programmers


JavaScript For Programmers, 3 hour Crash Course.

This is course is a crash 3 hour Course in JavaScript for programmers. If you are programmer and you want to learn JavaScript this is the course for you. JavaScript is a functional programming language and by the end of this course, you’ll be able to read and write functional code. We’ll discuss arrow function, JSON and map reduce. The course end with you coding exercise that mimics a coding interview.  Each video is approximately 45 minutes and consist of both live coding and slides.  The course is broken into four section. The first section covers the fundamentals: variable and function. Function in JavaScript are unique because they are first class objects, which means that can be easily passed as parameters to other functions. This is one of the key ideas of a functional programming language. In the second section we discuss JavaScript Objects and inheritance model.  All object in JavaScript inherit from a single object. In the third section, we discuss async programming and how you can make web request with JavaScript. In this section we also cover promises and the async/wait keywords. In the final section we discuss array manipulation and provide a sample interview style question for you to tackle.  This is a great class I hope you enjoy talking it.

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