Java Developer Interview Preparation Course


Java Developer Interview Preparation Course, This course will prepare you for Java interviews.

Course Description

Most asked Java Interview Questions you must know irrespective of the fact if you’re experienced or fresher.

This course will help you to sail through basic technical Interview rounds and covers basic question that you must know before facing any Java interview.

We had to limit this course due to the Udemy limitation of uploading only 2 hours of free course to users. Thus we have to break the whole course into multiple courses but we have segregated it in basic, intermediate and advanced level so that it will help you too to identify where do you really stand before appearing in any technical discussion with IT companies.

We do have intermediate and advanced level courses upcoming in few days.

The motive of this course is just to make you interview ready and motivated and confident in the interview. What we could cover in 2 hours is :

  1. Why Java is not 100% Object Oriented
  2. Is Java Pass by value or Pass by reference
  3. What is Covariant return type in Java ?
  4. What is Equals and Hash Code contract ?
  5. Why Pointers are not used in Java ?
  6. What is JIT compiler in Java ?
  7. Why String is immutable in Java ?
  8. What is Marker Interface ?
  9. Can you override a private or static method in Java ?
  10. Does finally always execute in Java ?
  11. What methods does Object class have ?
  12. How to make class Immutable ?
  13. How to make a class Singleton ?
  14. How to break Singleton Design pattern in Java ?
  15. Explain the Collection Hierarchy
  16. What is List interface in Java ?
  17. What is set Interface in Java ?
  18. What is Queue Interface in Java ?
  19. What is Map Interface in Java ?
  20. Why map does not extend Collection Interface ?
  21. What is the difference between fail fast and fail safe Iterator ?
  22. What is Blocking Queue ?
  23. Difference between synchronized collection and concurrent collection
  24. Explain Internal working of Hashmap
  25. Why Java 8 was introduced ?
  26. What are the advantages of Java 8 ?
  27. What is Lambda expression ?

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